# Quick Start

# Setup

Open your VS Code Settings to configure your default generator. It is recommanded to set this in the user settings to get a proper default for every project. Search for the cmake.generator key and select the generator. The default generator is Ninja.

Open your CMake project folder and/or add CMake folders to your workspace. You can add as many as you like.

# Configuration

The extension automatically starts to configure your project and loads the CMake project information. You can monitor the progress in an output tab with the name CMake - FolderName. After successful configuration, your first project should be connected to the extension. The CMake informations are shown in three status bar elements (Project, Target, Configuration). They can be clicked to select a different element through a quick pick.

# Build

Select the your project and target to build and press the F7 key to start the build process. Alternatively, you can press Shift+F7 to build all targets in the current project.

# Next Steps